LABEL NEWS: Welcome to the RESIDUE RECORDS website/webstore.

RESIDUE RECORDS has just released RITUAL CONTROL No Affinity EP! This fucker rips hard with manic female fronted hardcore with members of NO STATIK, CONDITION, EFFLUXUS… so you know you got some serious shit here! First 100 mail orders get “Drug Test Fail” Yellow colored vinyl or Lime Green colored vinyl!

Also, still got a fewCRIATURAS Espiritu de Libertad LP floating around here! The masters of Unholy-Rock n’ Roll are at it again with by far one of the best records that has come out this year! This 4 piece punk band coming out of Austin, TX (featuring members of VAASKA, IMPALERS, KURRAKÄ, SEVERED HEAD OF STATE, SIGNAL LOST etc.) with Dru’s intense vocals and Victor’s ripping guitar…. dear lord! Simply, this record just drives a steak through your heart with its dark, haunting, catchy, and brilliant energy! This is what punk should sound like… undefinable, but totally raging. 650 total pressed with the first 100 orders sold will get Red Colored Vinyl! Due to the amount of demand I have gotten through email… I think the color vinyl will be mostly gone in the next few weeks… SO order now!

THE STOPS self-titled EP! Great driving dark-melodic punk coming out of Portland, OR (new band featuring Cissie from Pedestrians!). These 4 songs will get stuck in your head for days! Really excited to put this amazing record out. Only 600 total pressed with the first 100 orders sold will get Clear Black/Blue splatter Colored Vinyl!

DAYLIGHT ROBBERY Ecstatic Vision LP is down to the last 25 or so colored vinyl and only around 150-200 of the pressing left! One of the best records of the year… check this record out! Another amazing collection of songs that makes them one of the better song writers of dark, angular, and catchy punk. This band really can do no wrong. RESIDUE RECORDS total pressing of 600 with only 100 Dark Purple Colored Vinyl to be sold to the first 100 orders (USA and international/ non-Europe orders only). TAKEN BY SURPRISE from Germany will be releasing the European version of this LP in the next few weeks.

Also the limited repress of 100  SICKOIDS – self-titled LP  on Solid Blue colored vinyl has only around 50 copies for mail order only! This debut LP from this Philly 3 piece is amazing, hard hitting, and will punish you listen after listen.

DIVINE RIGHT- Pray for Me EP is also moving fast! The newest and rawest punk/hardcore band out of Chicago, DIVINE RIGHT debuts their first 5 song EP. Can’t say enough about this band… Pissed-off angry hardcore that leaves you wanting more. RESIDUE RECORDS pressed 650 with only 100 Gray/Silver Colored Vinyl to be sold to the first 100 orders. Also, PILLAGE (newish Chicago hardcore band with members of Punch in the Face, Sick/Tired, Divine Right, HERDS) debut EP will be ready in sometime this spring… keep your eyes open for tons of new updates!


*HERDSMichigan EP. What a hard hitting record… amazingly tight, aggressive, noisy hardcore that builds and builds into a violent storm of sound. Hauntingly dark lyrics about the decay and destruction of four cities in the state of Michigan that ends up feeling like a metaphor for the death of American prosperity. HERDS have really hit their mark on this recording…a perfect follow-up to their amazing LP out last year on Fashionable Idiots Records. RESIDUE RECORDS pressed 650 with only around 100 records still available.

*OTTAWA- 12″ Re-Issue (from the groundbreaking 12″ from 1994!!!)LP is now out of print! Copies are still available from great distros like Ebullition, Grave Mistake, and Sorry State Records.

*DAYLIGHT ROBBERY- Though the Confusion LP is now out of print! Copies are still available from great distros like Ebullition, Grave Mistake, and Sorry State Records.

*SOLID DECLINE/ RUIDOSA INMUNDICIA Split LP is now out of print!  Copies are still available from Ebullition, Grave Mistake, and Sorry State Records.

*CANADIAN RIFLE Facts EP is down to less than 50 copies. This band can really do no wrong. Following up their amazing LP last year, this new EP has one of the best songs they have ever written (Blank Trade) and hit it hard with two of the fastest songs they have ever recorded on the B-side. Taken By Surprise Records from Germany will release the Euro version of this record and the USA version is limited to 650!

*DEFECT DEFECT 12″ * & *CANADIAN RIFLE- Visibility Zero LP* are both out of print! Both bands have copies available and it might still be available through great distros like Ebullition, Grave Mistake, Feral Ward, Taken By Surprise, PukeNVomit, etc…

*********LIMITED RECORDS and available pressings of RESIDUE RECORDS RELEASES************ as of February, 2014:

*SICKOIDS- 12″ Third press has at total pressing of 100 copies on Solid Blue Colored Vinyl for mail order only! There is around 50 left of this LP and no 4th press, so get them now!

*CANADIAN RIFLE- Facts EP has less than 50 left of the 650 USA press. No repress on this one.

*SACRED SHOCK- You’re Not With Us. LP has only around 75 left of the total 1100 press (200 on color are sold out). Will not be re-pressed. Hands down the best record of 2009… 6- Year End Top Tens- MRR 2009.

*NO SLOGAN- Aversion Therapy LP has about 25 left of the total pressing of 750. They have broken up after their last Euro tour so this maybe your only chance to hear one of the best punk bands to ever come out of Chicago. Do not miss out on this amazing record!

*DAYLIGHT ROBBERY Red Tape EP There are only 25 copies left of the 750 total pressed (150 colored vinyl sold out). The second press of the Washtenaw EP is also available here at the webstore. There is only 50 left of two pressings of 950 total . Pick both up before they’re long gone.

*PEDESTRIANS Killing Season EP There are only 20 copies left of the 1000 total pressed. Last recording by this band and will not be re-pressed.

DISTRO: Will be looking to add a distro list of records in the near future to be sold … but RESIDUE has Council Records records that are posted and can be purchased here! Thanks! And hope you pick some records up!

****Right now the paypal buttons will allow you to purchase a record with the mailing cost included. So, you might think that the record is expensive at $6.50 for an EP or $13.00 for an LP, but in fact that includes shipping and saves you .50 cents per EP and $1 per LP compared to all on-line distros I have encountered. Almost every new release will have 50-100 colored vinyl available for the first buyers. This will make it easier for people to get the limited versions of RESIDUE titles.****