HERDS– Michigan EP

What a hard hitting record… amazingly tight, aggressive, noisy hardcore that builds and builds into a violent storm of sound. Clashing guitars mixed with jaw-clinching rhythms combined with Mike Priehs’s pounding vocal style take this record over the top of the current trend of noise-core/ hardcore. Hauntingly dark lyrics about the decay and destruction of four cities in the state of Michigan that ends up feeling like a metaphor for the death of American prosperity. HERDS have really hit their mark on this recording…a perfect follow-up to their amazing LP out last year on Fashionable Idiots Records. Songs like “Iron Mountain” and “Bay City” will be slapping your brain and stay stuck in your skull for days. Featuring artwork and layout design by FEEDING. RESIDUE RECORDS pressed 650 with only 100 Dark Green Colored Vinyl to be sold to the first 100 orders.