Solid Decline (Germany) and Ruidosa Inmundicia (Austria) combine together on this amazing split LP that is a limited US pressing on Residue Records. Solid Decline blend a modern hardcore sound with a harsh style and feel like that of Die Kreuzen or CCM. Each track punishes with little time to think or react with amazingly violent vocals that makes Solid Decline one of the best bands to come from Germany in recent memory. Ruidosa Inmundicia side equally blazes with anthemic hardcore reminiscent of many great South/Central American hardcore bands with members from Chile who now live in Austria. Ruidosa Inmundicia screams with a fierce passion combined with amazing female vocals (in Spanish), pounding drums, and a break-neck guitar sound that makes their sound fresh and original. Both bands add a lethal blend of fast energy-laced hardcore with pulse-racing catchiness that rips. Truly, one of the best split LP in years.

Out of print.